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 Benz7.net is one of the largest online shops for soccer football stuff. Launched in 2011, Our group aims to be the world’s leading branded discount soccer jersey expert. Now  Benz7.net is growing fast and has reached 40 countries with more than 200 styles of jerseys.


Our Missions:

1. To provide user-friendly transaction process and optimized search function

2. Continue to review our product range to provide our customer with one-stop service that saves their time and effort

3. To deliver fantastic promotions and price

4. To achieve customer satisfaction by excellent service

Core Values:

1. Believes in the unique value of differences among co-workers.

2. Demonstrate strong belief in our ability to solve problems.

3. Confronts barriers as challenges to overcome and translates them into opportunity.

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April 2nd,2011

Benz7 Retail Inc