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Santos Laguna

Club Santos Laguna S.A. de C.V. (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsantos laˈɣuna]) commonly known as Santos Laguna or Santos, is a Mexican football club. They represent the urban area of La Comarca Lagunera, which is made up of Torreón, Gómez Palacio, and Lerdo. Santos Laguna currently plays in the Liga Bancomer MX. The club was founded in 1982, and reached Mexico's top division after buying the franchise belonging to the Ángeles de Puebla. The club's debut in Mexico's top division was in the 1988/89 tournament. They have won the league championship four times: first in the Invierno 1996 tournament, second in the Verano 2001 tournament, third in the Clausura 2008 tournament, and the most recent in the Clausura 2012 tournament. They have also reached the finals in the 1993–94 season, the Verano 2000 tournament, the Bicentenario 2010 tournament, the Apertura 2010 tournament, and the Apertura 2011 tournament.

It is the third football club that was formed in the Laguna Region, after the demise of clubs and Laguna Football Club Football Club Torreon, teams were not successful and had to sell their franchises to form the Black Lions of the University Deportivo Guadalajara and Neza respectively. In 2003 the club celebrated its 20th year anniversary held in large throughout the Laguna Region.

It is currently the fifth most popular team in Mexico according to the latest poll by Consulta Mitofsky on February 17, 2013.[2] Is ranked 74th in the current world rankings Classification According to the IFFHS clubes.[3] Is considered the 4th best club XXI Century Concacaf zone and the sixth CONCACAF team of the 1st Decade of the Century XXI.